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Decentralized Bitcoin ZK Rollup Layer2 that is compatible with the EVM ecosystem and uses native BTC as gas.
SatoshiVM introduces the EVM ecosystem to BTC, granting the Bitcoin ecosystem the capability to issue assets and build applications.

Fraud Proof
PoW Based
Designing with maximum simplicity is one of the primary objectives of SatoshiVM. SatoshiVM is a versatile ZK Rollup that employs EVM for off-chain computations. This implies that users can interact with SatoshiVM in a manner similar to interacting with Ethereum, and developers can build on top of SatoshiVM just as they would on Ethereum. This simplicity provides SatoshiVM with several notable advantages compared to more complex Layer 2 implementations.
As depicted in the diagram, the SatoshiVM chain comprises three layers
SETTLEMENT LAYER: This layer provides data availability, ordering, and validation of proofs for the SatoshiVM chain. It allows users and dApps to send messages and assets between Bitcoin and SatoshiVM. Bitcoin serves as the settlement layer, and bridges and rollup scripts are deployed on the Bitcoin network.
SEQUENCING LAYER: This layer consists of an execution node responsible for executing transactions submitted to the SatoshiVM sequencer and transactions submitted to the L1 bridge script, generating L2 blocks. It also includes a Rollup node that handles batched transactions, publishes transaction data and block information to Bitcoin to ensure data availability, and submits validity proofs to Bitcoin for finality.
PROVING LAYER: This layer comprises a coordinator, which assigns proof tasks to provers and relays the generated proofs to the Rollup node to complete finality verification on Bitcoin. It also includes a prover pool, responsible for generating validity proofs that verify the correctness of L2 transactions.
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